"A fascinating book, demonstrating new principles of genome operation. The application of these principles will have world changing consequences."

Peter Gariaev is a Russian scientist, pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of Wave Genetics. In his book "Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic-Wave Genome", Peter Gariaev outlines and explains the flaws in the current Genetic Code Model. Peter Gariaev explains why the translational machinery must operate with quasi-intellect and that amino acid selection is contextual and linguistic, based on whole mRNA scanning, and not verbatim codon by codon dogmatic mechanical selection.

Peter Gariaev, elaborates on his own research and critically analyses other's research, he lays the foundations of a new field of science – the study and application of the quantum and electromagnetic nature of the genome, as a holistic continuum, facilitating instantaneous metabolic control throughout an organism. The newly discovered principles outlined in this book pave the way for far reaching world changing technologies in medicine, agriculture, computing, and communications. This includes what humanity has long dreamed about: distant and non-operative healing, organ regeneration, significant extension of human lifespan, and quantum computing, to name a few.
Graham Ross McCallum
Editor of the 1st English edition
“In this monograph P.P. Gariaev lays the foundations for linguistic genetics.<>.

DNA, RNA and proteins represent texts, not in a metaphorical sense (as it was essentially postulated earlier) but texts in a real sense.<>

The genome on the level of synthesis and application of DNA-RNA-protein texts, is actually a quantum biocomputer. This idea cardinally changes our understanding of protein functions, especially of the cerebral cortex proteins as correlates of consciousness and intellect."
Hopyorskaya O.A.,
Ph.D. in Biology
“The author introduces a new substantial idea of genetic quantum biocomputing.

Such an approach is of interest to optical-radio electronics, radio technology, computing, navigation and management systems. Moreover, wave mechanisms of cell operation directly relate to nanoelectronics. Living organisms clearly demonstrate examples of nanobiotechnologies, effectively utilizing their own wave biocomputer regulation on nanostructures such as enzymes, ribosomes, mitochondria, membranes, cytoskeletons and chromosomes. <>

The author has correctly and comprehensively demonstrated remote (over many kilometers) wave transmission of directive genetic information from a Donor (living tissue) to the Recipient (organism). Until recently such transmission was considered to be principally impossible; now this is a fundamental fact."
— V.A. Matveyev
Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Professor of Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman,
Dean of the Faculty "Information and Management Systems",
Honored Scientist of Russia,
Laureate of Prizes of the Russian Government and the City of Moscow
“This monography contributes to, and clearly demonstrates that genetics and molecular biology need to transcend to a significantly higher level of development, moreover, it contributes to this transcendence."
— V.N. Volchenko, Ph.D.
Professor of Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman,
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Table of Contents
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